Volunteer in Colombia

Building global competencies
Manizales       September 14 - September 27, 2022

Volunteer project: Globalization has caused multiple changes in society. This has generated the need for development of different human skills, including problem-solving abilities, cooperative work, understanding about one's personal role in society, and understanding of different cultures. Therefore “La Universidad Católica Luis Amigo” located in Manizales invite this international volunteer project which has the objective to examine the local-national-international and intercultural problems of society and encourage their understanding through participation of youth from different cultures, seeking collective well-being and sustainable development.

The activities that volunteers will be carrying out are:
- Organizing a student forum to share and make social, cultural, economic, and political diagnosis of participants' countries of origin.
- Consolidating a working group to design a proposal for the "Global Citizen Workshop" through the participation of students.
- Carrying out the "Global Citizen Workshop" with the support of the coordinating teacher and with the participation of students from the University of Manizales.
- Design of "Weaving Global Competences" seedbed which will be oriented to students in international mobility (incoming-outgoing), students in induction, and teachers.

This project is for volunteers who are interested to develop skills that will allow them to be more efficient in a globalized society.

By participating in this project, you will acquire the global skills of Adaptability, Global Awareness, Strategic Thinking and Collaborative Planning. After the participation in the project, volunteers will receive an official letter certifying these skills.

Language: English

Leisure time: Manizales is a city of steep slopes, its streets evoking the tranquility of a town where all its inhabitants know each other, but with the turmoil of a city in full transformation and with the dream of consolidating itself as a large city. It is a magical tourist destination in Colombia, and its constant cultural activity is well recognized.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in a hostel with all facilities at their disposal, namely private bathroom, hot water, and internet. Vegetarian meals are also available.

Location: Manizales is a city in the mountainous coffee region of western Colombia. It is known for its cultural events, steep streets and views of the nearby Nevado del Ruiz volcano. The city is host to the Manizales Fair, the Manizales International Theater Festival and the Manizales Grita Rock Festival. Manizales is also one of the most important sites for bird watching in the country and there are nearby sites where travelers can enjoy hot springs.

Nearest bus station: Los Cámbulos

Nearest airports: Airport La Nubia (Manizales), El Dorado Airport (Bogotá)

Age range: 18 and over

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