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Volunteer opportunities in TOGO

Supplemental education program for school students
Kouma Adame, Kloto          August 20 - September 10, 2014

Volunteer project: The project is about teaching students in primary and secondary school in the subjects in which they experience difficulties (Mathematics, Sciences, English and French). The project allows the participating students to be up to date in the new school year. It encourages the younger children to begin socializing at school and learn syllabification, writing and counting. These supporting courses are especially important for the children in rural areas who have fewer opportunities than those from the cities. That is why the rural communities are the privileged targets for these activities.
The project aims to improve the knowledge and the abilities of the students in primary and secondary school for a better school performance.

Educational materials will be at the volunteers' disposal and you will be introduced to the educational program of the country. Essentially, you will play the role of a primary or secondary school teacher. In the primary level, you will intervene in French (reading, writing, conjugation, written and oral expression, etc.) and in numeracy. In the secondary level, you will give classes in a subject of your choice (English, French, Math, Physics). You will also organize socio-cultural activities with the children and teenagers.

Leisure time: The mountains around Kouma Adame offer variety of exciting activities: trekking, visiting mountain villages, waterfalls and bat-caves, and discovering their remarkable history. You'll also have parties and cultural exchange activities with the local people.

Language: English and basic French

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in a community house.

Location: Kouma Adame is situated 774 m above sea level and 20 km from Kpalimé. It enjoys a fresh cool climate and rich vegetation. The population is about 2000; most of them are farmers and very young. Getting to Kpalimé, the closest city and other villages of the canton of Kouma is easy. If you like hiking in the mountains, you will not be disappointed.

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 131 000 FCFA (about 200 Euros)

The extra fee is intended to support the hosting organization who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival on the project.




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