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Volunteer opportunities in THAILAND

Support rural development and sustainable farming in Singburi
Singburi          August 25 - September 7, 2014

Volunteer project: The Singburi projects are part of a larger campaign and efforts to stimulate rural development with the support of International Voluntary Service. We believe that the impact of the international volunteers in rural communities is an important stimulus to open minds and reduce prejudices. We work a lot with rural areas to transmit these values to the villagers.

The main objective of the project is cultural exchange between the international volunteers and the local villagers, but the participants will also get involved in  practical work in the communities, doing different kinds of support and agriculture works. You will be working on an Agricultural Project which was created for the purpose of helping farmers and fighting unemployment in the surrounding area to ensure local Thai people have the opportunity to develop sustainable agriculture for the future generations. In this project, you will have the opportunity to learn and take part in different farming activities such as growing vegetables, planting fruit trees, fish farming and the craft of weaving. The exact nature of the work will depend of the needs of the village at the time of the project.


The aim of this project is to not only contribute to the rural development of the village by doing some agriculture work, but also to bring the participants and the villagers closer through common work projects, have fun (sanuk) together, learn more about each other's cultures, set a good basis for future activities and give both the participants and the local people an opportunity to exchange their cultures.

Study theme: The volunteers will learn about the culture of rural Thailand in general and the traditions and specifics of the Central region. Thai language lessons will also be given to the volunteers.

Language: English

Leisure time: The free time will be organised by the volunteers with the support of the group leader. The closest city is far but accessible. The region isn’t very tourist attractive as such but the nature is of extraordinary beauty: rice fields, temples and natural parks are all over the region.

Accommodation: Basic accommodation is provided in the communities. Sleeping bag is required.

Location: The project will be held in the Singburi region (Central Thailand). Sing Buri is 142 km north of Bangkok on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. It was established in the year 1895 during the reign of King Rama V through a consolidation of three small riverside towns including Sing Buri, In Buri, and Phrom Buri. The province currently occupies an area of 822 square kilometres. Singburi has many beautiful temples: Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan is a royal temple in the third class. Inside the Wihan (image hall), a large reclining Buddha image is enshrined. Furthermore, there are two other Buddha images: Phra Kan and Phra Kaeo. They were built in the reign of King Rama V to be the principal image at a ceremony for civil servants to swear an oath of allegiance to the king.

Terminal: Bangkok International Airport. Singburi bus station.

Age range: 18 and over



Cadip volunteer project review:

          "First of all it was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to do something meaningful and enjoyable. The Akha people are very intriguing and very kind. We spent our time in two different villages where we were treated with great respect and cared for as honorary guests. Nevertheless the conditions were very simple, and I would not recommend this workcamp to anyone requiring "western" standard facilities or food. We ate many traditional Akha dishes which consisted of various vegetables and meats (both cooked and uncooked for the daring). We were lucky to take part in a festival that was occurring at one of the villages called the "swing festival". To prepare for this we helped the villagers collect trees from the jungle and then build a giant swing that we could all use, it was a lot of fun. Other projects we worked on included building a house and clearing a long road of foliage. The mountains surrounding Chiang Rai are beautiful, and our camp leader was very catering to all of our touristic needs (sightseeing and what not). The greatest aspect of the camp was living among the Akha people, sleeping and eating in their homes, and taking part in their customs and traditions."

Anthony P.,
Cadip volunteer 2006


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