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Intercultural learning and renovation in a Buddhist temple
Bonghwa, Chungcheongbukdo       July 21 - July 30, 2017

Volunteer project: Chookseosa Temple was founded in 673 during the reign of King Munmu of Shilla Dynasty. The founder, National Master Ui-Sang, dedicated his life to Korean Buddhism. Chookseosa means where the eagle, a symbol of wisdom resides, and also symbolizes the Bodhisattva. Ven Muyeo, one of the contemporary Korean Seon masters, has devoted himself to rebuilding Chookseosa. He has taught Seon meditation for couple of decades at Chuookseosa. This volunteer project is based in the Temple and participants will have the opportunity to experience monastic life.

The volunteers will renovate the temple and its surroundings. They will also join in the Buddhist camp for youth to experience temple culture and intercultural learning through various activities. Participants should respect the temple lifestyle and follow some rules in regards to waking up early in the morning, attending morning service, sleeping, eating, etc.

Special requirements: Interest in Korean temple and Buddhism culture. Volunteers should have respect for temple rules and should enjoy playing with youth.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Trekking the mountain and visiting various historical places.

Accommodation: In a traditional temple house. Only vegetarian food will be served.

Location: Bonghwa, Chungcheongbukdo

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Bonghwa Bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Reviving a traditional market in Busan
Busan       July 17 - July 26, 2017

Volunteer project: Traditional markets are central to the Korean culture, history, people, and daily life. With this project, we support the revival of the Seodong traditional market in the Geumjeong District of Busan.

After the Korean war, many refugees moved to Busan in the Southern part of the country. The Korean government in particular forced the refugees to move to the Seodong area, and it is still very congested today. In the middle of the busy Seodong traditional market, a special Art and Culture Center was established. This space is intended to energize the traditional market mixing daily life with art and culture. The center offers various programs to local children and residents including global citizenship education and cultural and artistic activities. Although Busan is the second largest city in Korea, opportunities for locals to take part in cultural experience programs and global citizenship education are still quite limited compared to the capital city. The programs and events in the center give a chance to Seodong residents to experience art and facilitate the community's cultural advancement.

The volunteers will support the global citizenship education program for local children through cultural exchange activities. The group will also help with some manual work in the traditional market to create a more lively atmosphere.

Special requirements: Volunteers are expected to have an interest in working and interacting with the local community and youth.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Volunteers will have a chance to visit historic places and enjoy the beaches of Busan during the free time.

Accommodation: In the university dormitory

Location: Geumjeonggu, Busan

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Gimhae International Airport, Busan bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Peace camp for children and support for local farmers
Hwacheon, Gangwon       July 24 - August 4, 2017

Volunteer project: This volunteer project is organised in cooperation with a local eco farming village in Hwacheon prefecture. The region has a very close historical link with modern Korean history due to its proximity to the border with North Korea. It’s also famous for its very clean environment.

Participants will offer assistance in the Children’s Peace Camp and will join the farming activities with local farmers. This will be helpful for the empowerment of locals and will provide opportunity for international exposure to the local children.

The volunteers will join in the "Life and Peace Camp" and will organize activities for city children such as peace education, intercultural learning and outdoor activities. They will build tents in the forest and will enjoy nature. This camp is focused on promoting nature and peaceful living.

Special requirements: Interest in peace issues, work with children and agriculture.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Visiting historic and cultural places such as DMZ; visiting lakes nearby.

Accommodation: In the local community center

Location: Hwacheon Gun, Gangwon province, 150 km from Seoul

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Chuncheon train station

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Cultural and education programs for the children of Wando island
Wando, Jeonnam       July 24 - August 5, 2017

Volunteer project: Wando is an island located in the south-west, about 500 km away from Seoul. There is a bridge to the mainland so that people can reach there conveniently by public transportation. Wando is famous for its seafood and beautiful landscapes.

However, Wando faces depopulation problems especially among the youth, who move to bigger cities for better educational opportunities. International exchange and experience is also rare for the local children. Therefore, this project aims to provide new experiences for the local children and youth with the help of international volunteers through diverse cultural and education programs. The project is run in cooperation with a local children's center providing social and educational services for children and youth in Wando.

The volunteers in this project will organise a Global Culture Camp. There will be 20-30 local children in the camp who don’t speak English very well. Participants will design and develop the whole program with indoor and outdoor activities such as traditional cultural activities, sports, games, choir, drawing, educational workshops, etc. It requires creative ideas and a lot of energy to get local young people exposed to new experiences.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Wando has a beautiful beach and famous tourist sites around, which you will have the chance to visit.

Accommodation: In the local children's center

Location: Wando, Jeonnam Province (5 hours 30 mins from Seoul by express bus)

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Wando bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Program for social adaptation of blind kids in Chuncheon
Chuncheon, Gangwon       July 29 - August 6, 2017

Volunteer project: This volunteer project has been organized together with the School for blind children in Chuncheon since 2001. The school provides special education program for blind students, 8-15 years old, living in the area. The school educates and trains the young blind students so that they can become self-confident and independent. The school is pleased to provide them with opportunities to be exposed to foreign cultures through this international volunteer project.

The volunteers will organize classes to introduce their cultures and countries to the students. Participants should be creative and patient to teach and communicate with the blind and visually impaired kids. The participants are required to bring interesting educational ideas and materials to prepare the project. The volunteers will play an important role in encouraging and giving confidence to the students.

Special requirements: Volunteers are expected to be highly motivated to work with and take care of young blind students and organize classes for their personal development.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Outdoor activities such as riding a bicycle along the Chuncheon river.

Accommodation: In the school dormitory.

Location: Chuncheon, Gangwon province, 80 km east of Seoul. It is a very calm and beautiful city surrounded by mountains and lakes.

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Chuncheon train station (1 hour from Seoul by bus)

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Support a youth culture camp and improve living conditions for elderly in Jecheon
Jecheon, Chungcheong       August 1 - August 10, 2017

Volunteer project: Jecheon is about 200 km away from Seoul. There are some social issues in the city regarding youth empowerment, caring for disabled people and dealing with the aging population. The international participants will take part in two voluntary service projects in support of local youth and elderly people. They will organize a youth camp intended to develop the global competencies of local youth by introducing them to a dynamic international and culture program. Participants will also help physically and economically disadvantaged local elders by improving their living conditions. In addition, the volunteers will have cultural exchange activities with the local people.

As assistants in the youth camp, the volunteers will organize and run various activities related to their own cultures such as languages, traditional dance and games, songs and so on.
The group will also do voluntary service for the local community. They will do a mural painting to decorate a local village and maintain houses and public facilities for disadvantaged elderly people.

Special requirements: Volunteers are expected to have an interest in working and interacting with the local community.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Visiting historic places in Jecheon.

Accommodation: In the community center

Location: Jecheon city in Chungcheongbuk-do province, famous with the beautiful mountains around.

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Jecheon Bus Terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Organising a summer camp for Korean youth
Gongju, Chungcheong       August 1 - August 12, 2017

Volunteer project: Gongju is about 150 km away from Seoul, located in the center of South Chungcheong province. Gongju is an ancient city of the Baekje Kingdom, where the brilliant Baekje culture flourished. Nowadays, Gongju is a city of history, culture and tourism.
As the population of the region is aging and rapidly decreasing, local organisations are focusing on the young people who are isolated from high education opportunities. Every year, a summer school is organised for local youth in order to teach them the value of local culture, history and nature. The international volunteers will join in the summer camp as assistants and will create new dynamics in the program by introducing international cultures.

The volunteers will organise and take part in the various activities of the summer school such as sports days, role play, intercultural food days, with about 40 young Koreans. The programs in the summer school are focusing on local community, cultural exchange, eco-friendly activities. Participants should be active as assistants, ready to mingle with the youth and also need to introduce different aspects of their own culture such as food, dance and songs. You will learn how to run a youth project and how to work in a large team.

Special requirements: Active participation in outdoor activities and strong interest to work with youth are expected.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Visiting the historic places of Gongju.

Accommodation: In rooms in the education center in Gongju.

Location: Gongju, South Chungcheong province

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Gongju bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Intercultural education and heritage preservation in Yeongwol
Yeongwol, Gangwon       August 2 - August 13, 2017

Volunteer project: Yeongwol is the most nature-oriented and clean city in South Korea. It is about 200 km east of Seoul. The area is surrounded by mountains and a river. Local young people rarely have the opportunity to experience different cultures from abroad. This project is held in cooperation with the local Children’s care center. The project site is well equipped for the activities.

There are two main activities during the project. First, the volunteers will become teachers to a group of 20-30 local youth and will introduce their traditional culture to the students. They will take part in various intercultural activities. Any kind of activities and ideas from participants are very welcome such as traditional cultures, sports, games, choir, drawing, educational workshop, etc.
Second, volunteers together with the local youth, will visit heritage sites where they will be cleaning the environment and organizing campaigns to raise local people's awareness.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Hiking in the mountain, swimming in the lakes, visiting heritage sites

Accommodation: In the local children’s center

Location: Yeongwol, Gangwon province. Yeongwol is easily accessible from Seoul by express bus for about 2 hours.

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Jecheon bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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Promoting the importance and historic value of Namhansanseong mountain fortress
Seongnam, Gyeonggi       August 4 - August 12, 2017

Volunteer project: Namhansanseong was designed as an emergency capital for the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), in a mountainous site 25 km south-east of Seoul. Built and defended by Buddhist monk-soldiers, it could accommodate 4,000 people and fulfilled important administrative and military functions. It is the only fortress that has been used as an emergency palace during a war so it has a historically significant meaning to the history of Korea. In recognition of its value, Namhansanseong was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. But so far it is more famous as a hiking, rock climbing and driving destination for local residents and visitors. Besides, many people have no idea that it is a World Heritage site. The aim of this project is promoting the importance and value of Namhansanseong as a World Heritage and preserving it.

The volunteers will organize a global culture camp for youth not only to raise their awareness of the World Heritage Site of Namhansanseong, but also to teach them about the importance of the world heritage in general and how other countries treat their heritage sites.

Language: English

Leisure activities: Visiting Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Accommodation: In a guest house near the youth centre

Location: Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. Seongnam is a satellite city of Seoul.

Terminal: Incheon International Airport, Seongnam bus terminal

Age range: 18 - 40 years old

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