Volunteer opportunities for teens

Teen volunteer experience in the East of Iceland
Stodvarfjordur, Iceland       August 27 - September 6, 2017

Volunteer project: The aim of the teen project is to provide fun and educative time for the young participants. During this 11-day program, participants will have the chance to get to know the Icelandic nature, history and people. The team leaders of this project will be trained on how to lead volunteers of this age group and how to organise the daily community life in a camp. The young volunteers will follow a program which is a mixture of environmental activities and games. They will go on hikes to discover the fantastic landscapes in the East of Iceland. The group will also help with environmental work in the area. Since the project is located in the east of Iceland, our young volunteers will have the opportunity to enjoy a round tour around Iceland.

During the project, we will do some workshops in the centre which include permaculture, aquaponics, growing herbs in an earth-sheltered greenhouse (a walipini) and growing vegetables in the big garden of the centre. We will also focus on topics such as food waste, recycling and renewable energy.

The art workshops are all about creating pieces of art out of natural and/or recycled materials. The area has variety of colourful stones, which we will use in our artwork. The group will also shoot photos during the project, and in the last days there will be an open photo and art exhibition in our centre.

We will also concentrate on intercultural learning and exchange. Every evening, volunteers from different countries will be in charge of presenting their country and culture in an informal way. It can be a presentation, a game, theatre – the form of introduction is up to you! Therefore, we encourage you to bring along some food, photos or anything interesting related to your country for a fun and informative evening with the other volunteers.

This project gives you the opportunity to spend an amazing time in Iceland with other international volunteers and to have an incredible experience where participants share their knowledge with each other while exploring creativity, environmental issues and intercultural learning.

Language: English

Leisure time: We will do different kinds of sports together and will go fishing near to the harbour in Stöðvarfjordur.
Volunteers will have free access to the local geothermally-heated swimming pools in the area. Traditionally, natural pools have played an important social role in Icelandic culture. Most Icelandic pools offer indoor and outdoor swimming, as well as hot tubs and saunas or steam rooms.

Accommodation: We will stay in a fully equipped house in the village. Beds are provided, however, everyone is asked to bring their own warm sleeping bag. Wireless internet access is provided free of charge.

Location: Scoured by Ice Age glaciers, the dramatic east coast boasts long, narrow fjords with steep sides and jagged peaks which contrast with inland fertile farmlands. Natural harbours, picture perfect fishing villages and seemingly never ending roads provide beautiful sweeping views.

“Fjarðabyggð" is an association of villages in the Eastern fjords of Iceland. It includes the towns of Eskifjörður, Fáskrúðsfjörður, Mjóifjörður, Neskaupstaður, Reyðarfjörður and Stöðvarfjörður, all tiny fishing villages with steep mountains towering just behind the houses. In this area you will see some of the features that make Iceland a unique place in the world: spectacular fjords with a rich sea life, a great variety of birdlife, and countless breathtaking hiking paths. You will explore the area during your stay in the east. The project will take place in the village of Stodvarfjordur.

Terminal: Intl. Airport: Keflavík (KEF), Reykjavík.

Flights arrive at Keflavik International Airport (KEF), just south of Reykjavik. The teenagers will travel along the coast of Iceland to and from the project site. It is in fact a round trip around Iceland which is almost 1,400 km in total and takes 2 full days. On the way to the project, we will drive through the south to the east of the island. After the project, we will drive through the north and west to Reykjavik, if road conditions are favourable. This trip includes unique Icelandic sights, such as glacial lagoons, waterfalls, volcanic and geothermal areas, glaciers, lava fields, hot-springs, rhyolite mountain ranges, steam-vents or even icebergs.

Age range: 15 - 17 years old

Extra fee: 550 Euro
The fee includes pick-up and drop-off service between KEF International Airport and Reykjavik and a tour around Iceland.
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project and is payable upon arrival.

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Photo marathon in Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland       August 31 - September 9, 2017

Volunteer project: This is the 10th year that series of International Photo marathons are organized! Throughout the year, participants from all over the world come to Iceland for an intense Photography related project. The coordinators work with the participants to develop their unique photographic skills through workshops and feedback sessions on technical settings, compositional considerations as well as developing conceptual frameworks which progress the participants' individual style.
As the workshop ends, we select some of our best pictures from the stay and prepare those images for an informal group exhibition locally. While learning about photography, the participants explore Icelandic culture by taking part in it, capturing it and also by working for the City of Reykjavik. One of our objectives is to deliver messages and draw the attention to the locals through pictures made during the project.

Participants should arrive ready to shoot and should bring with them their own digital cameras, lenses and laptops if possible. Volunteers should be prepared for walking and visually exploring the city streets and working within a flexible time schedule. Participants will be photographing in their free time outside of workshop hours with images to be discussed at group feedback sessions.

Please note that this project is more of a learning/sharing camp and not a regular workcamp. We may be able to organize some outdoor voluntary service activities.

These teenage projects are open for participants in the age range of 16 to 20. The program during their stay combines learning, sharing, getting to know Iceland, its culture, having fun, as well as exploring the capital city and some of the most stunning nature attractions in the Golden Circle and the South Shore excursions, which will be part of the project. We will visit spectacular waterfalls, geysers, impressive coastline, a volcano crater, the National Park of Thingvellir and much more.

Language: English

Leisure time: Additional trips (e.g. Snaefellsnes, Hot River hike, etc.) can be arranged at discount fares.

Accommodation: The participants will stay in an equipped house, in a beautiful setting inside the Botanical Gardens of Reykjavík, which are located about 4 km from the centre of the city. The facilities are basic with a shower, washing machine, kitchen and everyone is expected to show consideration for their companions. We will sleep in shared rooms in a sleeping bag accommodation. Please bring your own sleeping bag.

Location: Reykjavik is a dynamic, modern city which lives in harmony with beautiful nature, using renewable energy sources - geothermal power and glacial rivers. The world’s northernmost capital bridges the Atlantic, between Europe and North America. Reykjavík is spread across a peninsula with a panoramic view of the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean on almost all sides.
Reykjavik is an international city with a lively cosmopolitan cultural scene surrounded with beautiful nature.

Terminal: Closest international Airport: Keflavík/Reykjavík (KEF). Bus station: Central Reykjavík (BSÍ).

Age range: 16 - 20 years old

Extra fee: 550 Euro
The fee includes transportation from the meeting point to the project site and back (on the first and last day), as well as the Golden Circle and South Shore excursions (1 full day each).
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project and has to be transferred no later than one month before the start of the project.

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Let's make a film
Yeni Sakran, Izmir, Turkey       July 16 - July 24, 2017

Volunteer project: This is an international thematic camp for the age group 14-17. Teenagers from different countries will create a “group film” in a youth center. The majority of the group will be Turkish teens, but the camp language is English.

The participants will make a short film by using hand cameras and computers. They will use their creativity & express their ideas to write their scenario, act, shoot and direct their films in this project. Besides, the daily program of the project may also include other activities like sports, arts & crafts, creative drama, music, etc. Turkish and international volunteers will be leading or assisting the daily activities.

The Youth center is a place where various voluntary and youth camps are hosted. The campsite is a secure place and participants will not be allowed to leave the camp site on their own.

Arrival and departure: Airport transfer may be organized upon request but only from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (in the European side) on July 16, Sunday, between 08.00 – 17.00 hours, at the cost of 20 €. The group will depart to the project site on the same evening by overnight coach together with the Turkish participants and the group leaders.

The teen participants will also be accompanied on their return to Istanbul on the day of July 24. The group will arrive in İstanbul in the evening and a hostel bed+breakfast will be arranged for them at a cost of 20 € per night. Thus the return flight tickets must be arranged for the next day July 25, Tuesday from Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Alternatively, if you can travel alone, you can also fly to Izmir Airport on July 16, Sunday. The project site is 2 hours by train from Izmir Airport.

Language: English

Accommodation: At the Youth center, in 3-6 bedded rooms with showers and toilets. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary. Food will be served in the center.

Location: Yeni Sakran is in the west of Turkey. The center is by the seaside. The nearest city is Izmir.

Terminal: Istanbul

Age range: 14 - 17 years old

Extra fee: 225 Euro

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